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The design has evolved to provide a functional and beautiful cabinet that will display this unique collection of whiskey. Three woods have been chosen for this cabinet and reflect the quality and rarity of the Dalmore whiskey. For the exterior Gavin has sourced some of the finest Santos Rosewood, an exotic highly figured wood. The interior of the cabinet is lined with Scottish ripple sycamore (fiddle back) which was traditionally used on the back of fiddles. This white timber which has an almost satin appearance has been selected as a direct contrast to the Rosewood to provide a white reflective background to highlight the colour of whiskey. The third timber is Scottish oak which has been used exclusively in the interior of all the drawers and is a link with the many years that these rare whiskeys have spent in oak barrels. Each drawer has traditional hand-cut dovetail joints with handles of silver and rosewood. There are over 700 hours of design and craft in the making of this fine cabinet.


Image: Paterson Collection Cabinet


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Paterson Collection Cabinet
Paterson Collection
Paterson Collection Harrods
Paterson Collection Cabinet
Paterson Collection Cabinet